Alexandra Melançon

It's been a dream of mine for years to be part of a co-working and co-living community. I find being surrounded by curious, energetic and generous people is the best way to feel alive and keep growing as a human being. In 2017 I decided to leave Montreal and join Remote Year. I spent a year traveling the world with a new tribe called Sonder. Together, we visited 10 countries and went to fabulous places, including some of the most amazing co-working spaces. I took notes. As soon as I got back, I knew I wanted to start building that dream, in Montreal. Opening a co-working space with Stephanie, a long time friend and partner in crime, is the first step toward reaching that goal. Together, we are creating an enriching co-working space, where days will be filled with focus, happiness and stimulation. I would love if you would join Main House and be part of the tribe. Comon in!                                                            

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Stephanie Goudie

Alexe and I have been talking for years about starting a business together. We’re a good fit, I’m the operations, Alexe is the creativity and well… we’re both the brains! One day, when I was 8 months pregnant, we were discussing our ideal jobs and the idea of a co-working space naturally popped (pun intended)! We stuck to it and Main House was born.

A little bit about myself… Real estate has always fascinated me, I think my favourite activity is walking in different neighbourhoods and just imagining myself living in that house. Actually, it’s the architecture, the design, the space, the colors and the combination of it all that I love. Ironically, I studied in Communications (Oh well…). I’ve had about a million jobs in my life… from retail, to photoshoot production and then event production, to commercial real estate, to marketing, name it ! No doubt, the best experience was the one with the greatest and coolest team. People I connected with and who became my friends. I’ve been looking to recreate a similar environment for years. Sharing space with unique, motivated, passionate individuals is the ultimate goal. I believe Main House is the beginning of something great…

Oh and also, I’m a mom, I love to cook Martha style and I hate cats!



More humans coming soon…